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Published:May 3rd, 2009 14:33 EST
Flipping The Bird Can Land You In Jail

Flipping The Bird Can Land You In Jail

By Robert Paul Reyes


"IT was a gesture many Australians have been guilty of making at the end of a long, frustrating day.

But `flipping the bird` to another driver landed Australian nurse Darren O`Mullane 24 days in jail and a life ban from the United Arab Emirates.

Mr O`Mullane was deported from Dubai last Thursday after being convicted of making a rude gesture to another motorist, who happened to be a UAE official, last October.",23739,25412733-953,00.html

In America we consider it our constitutionally-protected right to flip off someone who cuts us off in traffic. Honking the horn or yelling an expletive isn`t quite as satisfying as flipping the bird to a Philistine who doesn`t seem to understand that you are the King of the Road.

But "flipping the bird" is a horse of a different color in the United Arab Emirates, as an Aussie found out much to his misfortune. Darren O`Mullane languished in jail for 24 days and he was banned from the UAE for flipping off a UAE official.

Islamic countries have a draconian concept of crime and punishment, O`Mullane should consider himself lucky that his index finger wasn`t amputated. How dare an infidel dog flip off an Islamic bureaucrat.

Even though O`Mullane had to leave his house, pet cat, and cars behind in Dubai, I`m sure he`s thrilled to be back in a civilized country.