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Published:May 4th, 2009 15:02 EST
Baby Genius: 2-Year-Old Elise Tan-Roberts Joins Mensa

Baby Genius: 2-Year-Old Elise Tan-Roberts Joins Mensa

By Robert Paul Reyes

"BRAINY Elise Tan-Roberts has become the youngest member of Britain`s boffins` club Mensa at the age of TWO.

Tests put her IQ at 156 - two points above ex-Countdown maths genius Carol Vorderman.

Elise started speaking at five months, walking at eight and running at ten.

By 14 months she could count to ten and now is happy reciting the world`s capital cities."

At two I was mastering the complex task of putting one foot in front of the other without falling down, and trying to reduce to a trickle the drool escaping from my mouth.

Parents dread the" terrible twos", at that age cute babies turn into red-faced little monsters. When baby Elise throws a tantrum does she scream the world`s capital cities at her mom and throw a Rubik`s Cube at her? (but not before solving it.)

This little showoff can count to ten in English and Spanish, and identify three types of triangle. i know a triangle from a square, and that`s got me this far in life.

I hope this precocious little twerp doesn`t peak too soon, after all Einstein didn`t publish his General Theory of Relativity until he was 36. But I offer her my congratulations on becoming the youngest member of Mensa.

The parents of this baby genius need to keep in mind that she`s just a child, I hope that when she`s not contemplating string theory she will jump, run and skip like a normal kid.