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Published:May 19th, 2009 12:31 EST
Councilman Uses Twitter To Save Woman's Life

Councilman Uses Twitter To Save Woman's Life

By Robert Paul Reyes


"An Atlanta city councilman used Twitter to help save the life of a woman who suffered a seizure in northeast Atlanta.

Kwanza Hall tweeted instead of dialing 911 Friday evening when he spotted a woman in need of medical assistance at the corner of John Wesley Dobbs Avenue and Jackson Street.

He said he used Twitter because his cell phone battery was running low and he didn`t want to end up stuck on hold with 911.

Paramedics arrived in time to rush the unconscious woman to Grady Memorial Hospital. Doctors said she had suffered a seizure."

Most people use Twitter to share with their followers the most mundane events in their lives: Stubbed my toe. OMG! It hurts! I use Twitter to alert my friends when I`ve posted a new essay online.

Kwanza Hall may be the first individual to use Twitter for an important reason: To save a life!

If your phone cell battery is running low, and you`re afraid your phone might go dead before someone picks up the call, then I recommend using Twitter instead of calling 911. But I hope this article doesn`t inspire anyone to use Twitter instead of dialing 911. If I saw a message on Twitter or any social networking site pleading with someone to send an ambulance to a specific location, I would dismiss it as a prank.

Fortunately, in this case there was a happy ending and the unconscious lady was rushed to a hospital. But I still think that for the most part Twitter is an exercise in vanity and superficiality.