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Published:May 21st, 2009 18:53 EST
Socks The Cat Has 500,000 Followers On Twitter

Socks The Cat Has 500,000 Followers On Twitter

By Robert Paul Reyes


"He`s one of the most popular users on Twitter. More than 500,000 follow his growing celebrity, his every adventure and, well, his cat naps.

Meet Sockington. Twitter`s latest star is a microblogging cat who regales more than half a million with his musings on meal time, personal hygiene and the view from the top of the stairs.

Sockington, or `Socks` for short, is the cat of Jason Scott, a 38-year-old computer historian and computer administrator from Waltham, Mass. Since late 2007, Scott has been tweeting from Sockington`s perspective - and finding a `Socks Army` of followers. (Many of his followers are pets, too.)" JAKE COYLE, AP Entertainment Writer

Most folks find this story amusing, but I find it very depressing. Socks has an army of followers, and I have only four -- I don`t think that even qualifies as a posse. Socks has been tweeting since 2007, and I didn`t get with the program until about a month ago. Socks is more hip, popular and loved than I will ever be.

Very few people care about major developments in my life, and thousands hang on every word that Socks writes about his trips to the litter box.

To be honest I would rather read Socks musings on personal hygiene, than read Paris Hilton`s tweets abut the mundane things the pop tart does when she`s not bedding poseurs or consuming illegal substances.

Socks is the perfect symbol of Twitter, most messages posted on Twitter are about as consequential as Sock`s observations about his litter box.