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Published:May 30th, 2009 13:51 EST
Brits Mistake Chinese Lanterns For Fleet Of Invading UFOs

Brits Mistake Chinese Lanterns For Fleet Of Invading UFOs

By Robert Paul Reyes

Hundreds of terrified citizens tie up the emergency lines to report mysterious orange balls in the the skies. Was the town of Milton Keynes in the UK under attack by a a fleet of UFO`s? Was the Royal Air Force testing new aircraft? Were the Russians launching an attack against Great Britain?

Not exactly!

"But a letter to the Citizen finally dispelled the myth of an alien invasion when it revealed the UFOs were in fact Chinese lanterns.

They were launched by the Hepden family in memory of their father and grandfather, 74-year-old Fred Hepden."

The next time a member of the Hepden family dies I hope they hold a quiet prayer vigil, instead of launching Chinese lanterns. The UK is UFO crazy, and the citizens will mistake everything from a Chinese lantern to Amy Winehouse for a UFO.

I wish the good people of the UK would accept that there is no Easter Bunny, and there are no UFO`s!