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Published:June 10th, 2009 10:41 EST
Lady Freaks Out When She Discovers Cat Buried In Garden

Lady Freaks Out When She Discovers Cat Buried In Garden

By Robert Paul Reyes


"A woman planting tomatoes in Pennsylvania`s Lehigh Valley said she was shocked when she was turning over the soil in her garden to plant tomatoes and found cat paws sticking out. Patricia Lutz called police after making the discovery on Thursday at her home. A state trooper responded and dug up the rest of the cat." The Associated Press

If I found a cat buried in my back yard my initial reaction would be to exclaim "WTF?"

My second reaction wouldn`t be to call the cops; I`m sure they have more important matters to investigate.

Patricia Lutz should have been arrested on the spot for wasting the time of the police. I`m surprised that a trooper took the time to dig up the critter.

I don`t have to worry about finding a buried cat while tending my garden. I have two big dogs and they would make mincemeat out of anyone stupid enough to hop over the fence. It would be the intruder and not an unfortunate feline who would end up buried in my yard.

The cat is now buried in a pet cemetery, and the man who confessed to burying the creature in his neighbor`s yard is in the doghouse with all of his neighbors.