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Published:June 14th, 2009 13:51 EST
Amsterdam's Beer Bikes A Big Tourist Attraction

Amsterdam's Beer Bikes A Big Tourist Attraction

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Although famous for a love of bicycles as the city`s preferred transport, Amsterdam officials are starting to draw the line at a popular `beer bike.`

The bike, which can seat at least 10 people around a central `bar` as they pedal through the city center, is a frequent sight in the Dutch capital and is said to be popular with stag and hen (bachelor and bachelorette) parties. A non-drinker steers the bike.

But two accidents involving the bikes since the start of April has prompted the city councilor responsible for transport, Hans Gerson, to investigate how many bikes there are and whether they pose a problem." Reuters/Aaron Gray-Block

San Francisco is famous for its cable cars that climb halfway to the stars, New York is infamous for its graffiti-ridden subways, and Amsterdam has its popular beer bikes.

Amsterdam without beer bikes would be like Venice without gondolas or Detroit without street thugs. No mode of transportation is 100% safe, and Amsterdam shouldn`t ban beer bikes simply because of a couple of accidents.

Amsterdam is one of the most freewheeling cities in the world, I`m surprised it doesn`t have a marijuana bus. Bureaucrats shouldn`t get rid of the beer bikes, they`re going to ruin tourism. When we go to Amsterdam we want to visit the red-light district, patronize a hashish cafe, and ride a beer bike.

Amsterdam without beer bikes? I don`t know anybody who would drink to that