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Published:June 16th, 2009 11:03 EST
McDonald's Worker Faces Felony Charge For Spitting On Cop's Egg McMuffin

McDonald's Worker Faces Felony Charge For Spitting On Cop's Egg McMuffin

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Authorities said a man faces a felony charge after allegedly spitting on a police officer`s McDonald`s breakfast sandwich. Police said a 32-year-old man was working the drive-thru window at the southwest Michigan restaurant when an unidentified officer bit into an Egg McMuffin on June 3 and immediately realized something was wrong.

A police report obtained by The Herald-Palladium said the restaurant`s assistant manager noted the sandwich contained a "stringy with mucus" substance. She placed the sandwich in the off-duty manager`s trash bin, but said it disappeared while she phoned him." The Associated Press

It`s not surprising that we often hear about fast food employees tampering with food. They work like dogs, and only make the minimum wage - they have nothing to lose. It`s a good idea never to get into an argument with a fast food worker.

The McDonald`s assistant manager noted the officer`s sandwich contained a "stringy with mucus" substance - that`s a perfect description of the contents of the Egg McMuffin. I wouldn`t eat an Egg McMuffin sandwich if it were prepared by the world`s greatest chef, and handed to me on a silver platter.

The suspect can forget about moving up to the assistant manager position. You never tug on Superman`s cape and you don`t spit on a police officer`s Egg McMuffin. Cops know that most people hate them, and they are always on guard.

The clueless McDonald`s employee will probably end up in jail, but at least prison breakfast chow is better than an Egg McMuffin.