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Published:June 17th, 2009 11:10 EST
Women Trying To Skip On Their Bill Crash Into Restaurant

Women Trying To Skip On Their Bill Crash Into Restaurant

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Four women trying to skip out on their bill at an International House of Pancakes ended up plowing into the Detroit restaurant as they sped away. No one was injured in the accident Tuesday morning. Restaurant manager Raymond Jefferson told the Detroit Free Press the women ran from the IHOP just after 6 a.m. without paying their bill. Their server chased them out the door.

The driver was ticketed at the scene."

The Associated Press

If I can`t afford to tip a waitperson, I don`t eat out - it`s that simple. It`s bad enough not to tip a waitperson, but to skip out on a bill is unforgivable. It`s the hardworking waitperson who will get stuck with the bill, not the owner or manager.

You can`t use the hard economic times we are facing to justify running out of a restaurant without paying your bill. If you are on a tight budget, stay at home and boil some Top Ramen.

This case is especially egregious because the driver had more than $200 on her at the time. The cheap idiot will now have to pay a fine, and she will also have to reimburse the restaurant not only for her meal but for the extensive damage to the structure.

Creeps usually get away with pranks like this, but fortunately these women paid a high price for their crime