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Published:June 22nd, 2009 13:38 EST

Lady Claims She Was Evicted Because She Decorated Door With Peeps

By Robert Paul Reyes


"A woman is going to court claiming she was wrongly evicted from her apartment because she kept her Easter decorations on her door for two weeks after the holiday.

Carol Burdick claims her landlord unjustly told her to remove a display of Easter stickers, plastic grass, and Peeps marshmallow candies from her door a few days after the April 12 holiday this year.

`An Easter decoration is a religious statement and should be protected - even if it is just bunnies` said her attorney, John Pineau." The Associated Press

When Burdick buys her own home she can decorate her place in Hello Kitty decor, but as a tenant she has to abide by the rules of her landlord.

I can tolerate someone decorating his house for Christmas, but plastering your front door with Easter trinkets is a bit too much.

Burdick`s lawyer claim that the Easter decoration is a religious statement is patently absurd. Is Burdick a member of the Church of the Sweet Tooth, and does she celebrate the Consecration of the most holy Peeps Bunny?

Burdick wasn`t evicted for keeping her Easter decorations on her door for two weeks after the holiday, she was evicted when she refused to pay her rent after her landlord removed the gaudy display.

Burdick`s lawsuit is frivolous, the only thing the judge should give her is some damn Peeps.