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Published:June 24th, 2009 13:53 EST

Dude Crashes When Wild Turkey Lands Inside Cab Of Manure-Hauling Truck

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A wild turkey landed inside the cab of a manure-hauling tractor trailer, startling the driver and sending the truck rolling into a ditch off a northern New York road. State police said Scott Fisher, 38, was traveling in St. Lawrence County near the Canadian border when the turkey flew in through an open window."

The Associated Press

Usually a driver runs into a ditch when he consumes too much Wild Turkey whiskey, not because a wild turkey lands inside the cab of his truck.

A dude who hauls manure for a living shouldn`t be surprised by a wild and unexpected disaster, he more than anybody else should realize that sh** happens.

The bird lost a few feathers, but flew away unharmed. Fisher was in deep sh**, but otherwise unharmed.

Lesson to be gleaned from this story: If you haul manure for a living, it`s a foul bird and not the Bird of Paradise that`s going to pay you a visit.