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Published:July 9th, 2009 13:30 EST
Is "Hoe" License Plate In Bad Taste?

Is "Hoe" License Plate In Bad Taste?

By Robert Paul Reyes


"A Las Vegas man won a courtroom battle Wednesday with the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles over his `HOE` license plate, which the agency tried to cancel on grounds that he was using a slang reference to prostitutes.

The high court said the DMV based its opposition to William Junge`s plate on definitions found in the Web-based Urban Dictionary, which includes user contributions. Justices ruled that the contributed definitions `do not always reflect generally accepted definitions for words.`

Junge, whose case was pursued by the American Civil Liberties Union of Nevada, said he got the `HOE` plate in 1999 for his Chevy Tahoe, after being told `TAHOE` wasn`t available." The Associated Press

A "hoe" is a garden tool similar to a rake, "ho" on the other hand is slang for "wh*re."

However I think Junge`s license plate is a reference to a wh*re, nobody is going to read his license plate and think he`s referring to the model of his car.

I`m glad Junge won his case, a woman of uneasy virtue needs to be reminded that she`s a "ho." Junge`s license plate is a reprimand to every skank who has the misfortune to drive behind him.

If Britney Spear`s friends had the guts to tell her that she dresses like a ho, maybe she wouldn`t leave her house with no drawers. As it is only Santa Claus puts the fear of God into the pop tart. Spears avoids shopping malls during the Christmas season, because every time she hears a mall Santa say "Ho, Ho, Ho" she thinks he is making a reference to her slutty behavior.

Las Vegas ho`s beware: Stay away from Chevy Tahoes, if you want to avoid embarrassment.