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Published:July 13th, 2009 16:48 EST
The Evian Babies Commercial Is The Hottest Video In The World

The Evian Babies Commercial Is The Hottest Video In The World

By Robert Paul Reyes


"The Evian roller babies` commercial is a YouTube sensation. Already, millions of people have watched the video.

The ad features babies on roller skates dancing and doing stunts. The babies do back flips, jumps and walk on their hands. The background music is the Sugar Hill Gang`s Rapper`s Delight."

The Evian babies are the hottest subject around the water cooler. Some folks think the babies are cool, others consider them creepier than hell. But whatever opinion people have about these babes, we can`t stop watching them on YouTube.

Normal babies can`t poop and suck on their thumbs at the same time, but thanks to the magic of CGI these infants can dance better than Michael Jackson.

Why is this Evian commercial all the rage? It`s cool to see the adorable angels` break dance, but in my opinion this advert is popular because of its old school vibe.

The commercial starts with a little imp pushing a button on an old school boom box with a tape deck to play the Sugar Hill`s Gang "Rapper`s Delight." I can`t figure out how to play an iPod or how to program my cell phone; I long for the good old days when you didn`t need an engineering degree to operate a boom box.

Today`s rap songs are misogynist and homophobic, and they glorify materialism and violence. But the 1979 hit "Rapper`s Delight" was all about having a good time and enjoying yourself. "Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn", who the hell can`t dance to those great lyrics?

The tots are showing off their skillz wearing old school roller skates -- no inline skates for these little angels, they prefer to keep everything old school.

These little darlings are wearing all-white Onesies, no trendy Dora the Explorer duds for these old school innocents.

The state-of-the-art technology may grab your attention, but it`s the old school ethic of the babies that makes this advertisement so popular.