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Published:July 14th, 2009 21:34 EST
How Do You Get A Burglar To Leave? Offer Him A Beer

How Do You Get A Burglar To Leave? Offer Him A Beer

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Police said a homeowner in Maine used a beer to entice an intoxicated intruder to leave. The intruder apparently didn`t realize that it was a nonalcoholic beer. Bar Harbor police said the homeowner awoke early Monday to find 22-year-old

Scott Cote in the bedroom and used the beer to convince him to carry on.

Police said they found Cote breaking into cars a short time later and arrested him after he fled into some woods." The Associated Press

If I found a burglar in my bedroom I wouldn`t reason with him with a bottle of beer, my shotgun would do all the talking. Chances are exceedingly slim that a burglar would make it out of my home alive, damn the legal consequences.

Cote dispatches the burglar with a beer, and what happens next? The intruder breaks into cars a short time later! Any man who doesn`t protect his home and family with a firearm is a fool. If a bad guy breaks in to my home, he`s not going to leave clutching a beer in his hand, and he will be in no shape to commit any more crimes that night.

A beer might convince a drunk trespasser to leave your residence, but a shotgun will convince any sane burglar (drunk or not) to get the hell out of your place.