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Published:July 15th, 2009 20:12 EST
Bed And Breakfast $50: Catch, It's In Jail!

Bed And Breakfast $50: Catch, It's In Jail!

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Want to spend a night in jail? And how about paying for the privilege? The Jefferson County Sheriff`s Department in eastern Missouri has come up with a novel way to pay for mattresses at a new jail addition.

Officials are offering the public a chance to stay overnight on July 31 at the recently finished addition. For $50 a person or $90 a couple, people can tour the new facility, learn more about jail, and stay overnight. They`ll receive Jefferson County "bed and breakfast" T-shirts, snacks - and souvenir mug shots." The Associated Press

I`ve never had an interaction with the criminal justice system. I`m not exactly a Boy Scout, I`ve been real lucky. I would love to go slumming in a jail, as long as I`m not caged in the same cell with a real criminal.

I wouldn`t think twice about paying $50 for the privilege of staying in jail overnight. The jail cell would be more comfortable than some of the flea-ridden motels I`ve had the misfortune of spending the night in.

You get a T-shirt and a souvenir mug shot, and it`s for a good cause: Paying for mattresses for a new jail addition. Don`t try to steal a jail pillow case as a souvenir, you might end up spending the night in jail as a real criminal.