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Published:July 18th, 2009 18:12 EST
Clumsy Dentist Drops A Tool Down Patient's Throat. Twice!

Clumsy Dentist Drops A Tool Down Patient's Throat. Twice!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Florida dentist is being sued for allegedly dropping tools down the throat of an elderly patient - twice.

The lawsuit says the doctor dropped an `implant screwdriver tool` in 2006 and a `mini-wrench` in 2007."

The Associated Press

Going to the dentist is no day at the beach, we are paying a sadist to torture us without mercy. I brace myself for my once in a decade trip to the dentist by gulping a stiff drink.

A trip to the dentist is a traumatizing experience, but when a clumsy dentist drops a tool down your throat that`s enough to scar you emotionally for life.

Why did the elderly patient return to the dentist after he had dropped a screwdriver down his throat? If a dentist dropped a tool down my throat, I would sue him immediately after I was release from the hospital. Needless to say, I would only see the dentist again in a court of law.

I hope the elderly patient gets a $1 million settlement!