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Published:July 20th, 2009 11:54 EST
Baseball Team's "Salute To Pregnancy": Good Or Bad Idea?

Baseball Team's "Salute To Pregnancy": Good Or Bad Idea?

By Robert Paul Reyes


"A New York City minor league baseball team has pulled off an unusual pre-game warmup.

The Brooklyn Cyclones offered a Lamaze class in center field before Sunday night`s game. It was one of the activities as part of the `Bellies and Baseball: A Salute to Pregnancy` event.

Other activities at the theme night for the affiliate of the New York Mets included expectant moms running - or walking - the bases without shoes before the game, women in their third trimesters throwing out ceremonial first pitches and pregnant women singing on the field during the seventh-inning stretch." The Associated Press

When a woman finds out she`s pregnant it`s usually a very happy moment, and her friends and family rejoices with her. A loving couple with one or two children is a beautiful sight.

But it doesn`t require any special skills to get pregnant, and I find the "Salute to Pregnancy" event to be misguided. For every baby who will be born into a loving home with financially secure parents, there are a dozen who will be born to single mothers or destitute parents who have no right to bring another child into the world.

The barefoot and pregnant running around the bases stunt is politically incorrect -- to say the least. This stunt sends the message that the most important thing that a woman can accomplish in her life is to spit out an infant.

If bringing a newborn into this crazy world is such a great thing, why aren`t the fathers celebrated?

The Brooklyn Cyclones must make amends by holding a special event for parents who decided that they will fight overpopulation by never having children.