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Published:July 21st, 2009 15:18 EST
Silly Girl Falls Into Open Manhole While Texting

Silly Girl Falls Into Open Manhole While Texting

By Robert Paul Reyes


"It was an accident waiting to happen -- an open sewer and a 15-year-old girl who was texting while she walked.

Alexa Longueira, a high school sophomore, was walking along Victory Boulevard near Travis Avenue on Staten Island Wednesday evening when she felt the earth move and was plunged into smelly darkness.

She said the manhole she fell in to was left open and unattended with no warning signs or orange cones."

Bleeding hearts who feel sorry for Alexa should keep in mind that she may soon be driving and texting. Walking and texting landed her in a sewer, but driving and texting might land her in a hospital emergency room.

Alexa may be the sweetest girl in the world, but anyone who texts while walking on a street belongs in a sewer.

Alexa places all the blame on city workers for forgetting to cover the manhole: "Because of their careless mistake I got hurt." The city workers weren`t the only ones who made a careless mistake, only an idiot falls down a manhole.

Alexa`s parents plan to sue the city, but next time it might be Alexa who gets sued when she bumps into a frail elderly person while walking and texting.