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Published:July 28th, 2009 12:48 EST

How Much Is A Good Nap Worth To You?

By Robert Paul Reyes


"ALEXIUS OTTO, a junior at Hunter College in Manhattan, has a perfectly good bed in his apartment in the East Village. But twice over the last month he has paid to take short snoozes at Yelo, a new salon on West 57th Street that sells anxious New Yorkers the promise of a brief but cocooning sleep.

Yelo consists of seven private chambers that can be rented for 20- to 40-minute naps." NATASHA SINGER/The New York Times

I should preface my remarks by stating that I`m not lazy, I work a regular job plus I write an average of three essays every day.

I enjoy taking a nap whenever possible, but I would never dream of forking over $12 to enjoy a 20-minute nap in a salon.

I rarely schedule a nap, it`s something that happens naturally and spontaneously while I`m on the sofa watching C-SPAN.

A satisfying nap typically lasts for at least 40 minutes, anything less that than that isn`t worth the effort to close your eyes. Scheduling a 20-minute nap at a spa is akin to hiring a hooker for a five minute session.

Most of my siestas are unplanned, my eyes simply decide it`s time to take a break. But some of my naps are premeditated, and involve serious planning. I`ve been known to find an empty office at work, and catch forty winks. I must remind my readers that I`m not lazy, my finely-tuned brain just needs a breather every now and then.

Paying for a nap makes about much sense about bragging about sex with a prostitute. A nap is a gift or a stolen moment, paying for it defeats its purpose.

If I went to Yelo, when I woke up from my quickie snooze, I would feel guilty about spending my hard-earned money for a few minutes of shuteye.