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Published:July 31st, 2009 18:23 EST
Who Says A Monopoly Game Can't Be Violent?

Who Says A Monopoly Game Can't Be Violent?

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Kenneth Anthony Repke was charged with assault and battery for allegedly hitting a woman during a game of Monopoly.

The 56-year-old Fraser woman said she and Repke were playing at a home on the 15000 block of Van Dyke Avenue when Repke wanted to buy Park Place and Boardwalk from her.

When she refused, Repke allegedly slapped her in the face, knocking off her glasses and damaging them, said police.

The woman called 911."

When I was a kid, in the Dark Ages before video games and the Internet, board games were very popular in my home. We frequently played Monopoly, and one time I suspected my sister of stealing from the bank and I yanked her ponytail. I can understand how a game of Monopoly can become quite heated, but there`s no justification for Repke`s act of violence.

In this age of digital entertainment what were Repke and the woman doing playing Monopoly? The only place where you should see a game of Monopoly should be in the Smithsonian museum.

Some people accuse violent video games of inspiring real life acts of violence, but evil people don`t need much of an excuse to lash out in anger. Repke would pimp slap someone over a game of Tiddlywinks.

Needless to say, Repke didn`t pass go, he went directly to jail.