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Published:August 3rd, 2009 11:52 EST
Do You Respect Someone Who Worked For McDonald's For 20 Years?

Do You Respect Someone Who Worked For McDonald's For 20 Years?

By Robert Paul Reyes


"The stereotypes of typical McDonald`s crew members are of teenagers "flipping burgers" in their first jobs that last about six months.

That`s definitely not the case for North Muskegon McDonald`s retiring crew members Marlene Wickerink and Janet Chapman.

They ended their McDonald`s careers this month with more than 40 years of service between them. Wickerink, 72, had been the fast-food restaurant`s lobby person. Chapman, 65, was the `voice` of the restaurant`s drive-through."

I doubt if McDonald`s gives its retirees a gold watch; I wonder if these two elderly ladies received only a certificate redeemable for a free Big Mac.

Chapman, the "voice" of the drive-through will probably be saying "do you want fries with that" in her sleep for the rest of her life.

I commend the ladies for their faithfulness and dedication to McDonald`s, but I can`t imagine why anybody would work there for more than a few weeks.

I`m not going to use this essay as an excuse to make fun of these dear old women. I`d much rather a mature person take my order, than a goofy kid who is only working so he can buy some video games.

I hope the McDonald`s franchise owner will allow the retirees to come back anytime for a free meal.