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Published:August 19th, 2009 14:28 EST
Lady 'Pregnant" With 12 Babies A Hoax

Lady 'Pregnant" With 12 Babies A Hoax

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Just a few days after a Tunisian woman claimed she was pregnant with a record-breaking 12 babies, the 34-year-old has been exposed as a fraud, the U.K.`s Daily Telegraph reported Wednesday.

The woman, who has not yet been named, reportedly told doctors in her hometown of Gafsa that she was due to give birth to duodecaplets later this month. She said she conceived the babies following fertility treatments, after suffering a number of miscarriages.

But an investigation by the Tunisian Health Ministry later revealed that she has `psychological problems and is unlikely even to be pregnant,` the Telegraph reported.",2933,540520,00.html?test=latestnews

The Tunisian woman never posed a threat to our beloved Octomom. Even if the Tunisian fraud was pregnant with enough babies to field a football team, nobody in the Western world gives a flying fig about anything that goes on in Tunisia. The world`s media would still have been focusing their attention on the Octomom, and not the Tunisian lady.

Nadya Suleman (Octomom) still holds the record for the longest-living octuplets in history. Americans are very protective of their freaks and celebs, and we are outraged that this Tunisian con artist tried to steal Octomom`s thunder.

Trying to pronounce "duoecaplets" is almost as painful as giving birth to 12 babies. I`m glad this lady turned out to be a fraud --- Octomom sounds a lot better than Duodemom.

If a woman in Tunisia got herself pregnant with eight or more babies it wouldn`t do her any good. If you manage that feat in America you become an instant celeb, and you are guaranteed a reality series and a book deal. But a Tunisian woman pregnant with several babies at best will only get free diapers from the government.

Octomom can breathe a sigh of relief, she`s still our favorite freak.