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Published:August 22nd, 2009 15:22 EST
Dude With Britney Spears Tattoo Steals Pink Dog With Earrings

Dude With Britney Spears Tattoo Steals Pink Dog With Earrings

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A distraught man who claims his pink-adorned Chihuahua was stolen from him at a Wilton Manors gay bar thinks a man with a Britney Spears tattoo is not that innocent in the crime.

Brian Dortort says little Hudson Hayward Hemingway was stolen from him as he was at a July birthday party at gay bar Georgie`s Alibi by a man with Spears` name tattooed on either his neck or arm, according to the Sun-Sentinel."

Tattoos at one time were a symbol of rebellion, but today they are ubiquitous. Everyone from bikers to school teachers, and even children are sporting tattoos.

Thirty years ago if you read an article about a tattooed man who walks into a bar, you`d have thought he was one tough hombre.

Welcome to the new millennium! Here`s a story about a dude with a Britney Spears tattoo who sashays into a gay bar and steals a pink-adorned Chihuahua.

Britney Spears is a gay icon, and I`m not surprised that perhaps the only man in the world with a tattoo of the pop tart frequents gay bars.

The missing dog has a pink belly, pink ears and pink earrings. I don`t want to foster gay stereotypes, but it`s highly unlikely that you would find such a delightful pooch in a Country and Western bar.

The owner of the tiny animal is devastated, and he`s been searching high and low in gay bars trying to find his beloved pet.

The cops have a suspect, but they haven`t been able to find him. Hello!!! How hard can it be to find a dude with a Britney Spears tattoo holding a silly-looking pink Chihuahua with pink earrings?