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Published:August 23rd, 2009 15:08 EST
Cops Nab Speedo-Clad Car Thief

Cops Nab Speedo-Clad Car Thief

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A robbery suspect wearing only a Speedo-style swimsuit was arrested in East Hartford after a police dog tracked him down and bit him on the leg.

The Journal Inquirer of Manchester reported that Daimien Tran was being held after his arrest Thursday on $50,000 bail.

Police said Tran tried to steal several vehicles, and also took items from them."

Eyewitness News

Even if Tran wasn`t trying to steal vehicles, he should have been arrested simply for daring to wear a Speedo-style swimsuit. Speedos should only be worn by Olympic swimmers - period!

Tran should thank his lucky stars that the dog bit him on the leg, and didn`t take a bite out of his family jewels.

Stealing Cars 101: Dress inconspicuously to make it difficult for witnesses to describe you to the cops. When the cops arrived on the scene they knew to chase the idiot wearing the Speedo.

I hope that one of the items that Tran stole was a pair of pants to cover himself up.