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Published:August 26th, 2009 09:50 EST
Retailer Installs "Butt Cams" In Dressing Rooms

Retailer Installs "Butt Cams" In Dressing Rooms

By Robert Paul Reyes


"IT`S the age old question that every woman has put to her partner at one time or another - but now gals can make up their own minds.

With those famous words "Does my bum look big in this?" in mind, retailer Jeans West has rolled out the first of its butt cams.

The camera snaps an image of your backside on your own personal screen in the changeroom so you no longer have to venture into the main store and run the gauntlet of unflattering light and mirrors."

Every guy hates it when his wife or girlfriend asks: Honey do this jeans make my butt look fat? If we answer honestly we know we aren`t going to get any loving that night, so we always respond: Heck no honey, you look like a supermodel. We try hard not to laugh as our sweetheart models jeans that make her look like Oprah Winfrey on steroids.

We this dressing room butt cam, hopefully ladies won`t see a need to ask the men in their lives for an opinion.

But doesn`t a camera add ten pounds to your appearance? Maybe some of those heifers will go on a serious diet.

Personally, I would never use a dressing room that has a butt cam. How do we know that the store employees won`t watch the snapshots and make fun of the customers? Or even worse there`s always the possibility that your butt shot may end up on the Internet.

Ladies, you are better off asking your man how you look. He won`t tell you the truth, but at least you know your fat butt won`t be online for the whole world to see.