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Published:September 2nd, 2009 18:16 EST
Ohio Judge Silences Defendant With Duct Tape

Ohio Judge Silences Defendant With Duct Tape

By Robert Paul Reyes

Click here for a list of 101 uses for duct tape:

This is an incomplete list, duct tape is one of the most indispensable items to have around the house. In the aftermath of a nuclear Armageddon, I could survive as long as I had a source of fresh water, food and duct tape.

A judge has found another use for duct: To silence a defendant

"A US judge ordered a court official to `duct tape the defendant` after repeated outbursts.

The bizarre scenario played out in a court in Canton, Ohio, when Judge Stephen F. Belden clashed with robbery suspect Harry Brown.

Mr Brown fired up about the lawyer who`d been allocated to him, but the judge refused to appoint another.

The pair argued for several minutes, before Judge Belden decided on shock tactics to silence the defendant.",27574,26015935-401,00.html

I have served on two juries, and if there`s one thing I`ve learned it`s that in the court room the judge is god. Everyone, including the lawyers, treats the judge with tremendous respect. Only a very stupid defendant would dare to argue with a judge, that`s one argument he`s destined to lose.

The judge warned the defendant that he would put duct tape over his month if he didn`t stop interrupting him. At that point Brown should have shut the hell up.

I wish I could be judge for one day, just so I could gavel people into silence. If that doesn`t do the trick, I wouldn`t hesitate to reach for the duct tape.