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Published:September 3rd, 2009 19:44 EST
Professor Stalks Weatherman Because His Forecasts Aren't Accurate

Professor Stalks Weatherman Because His Forecasts Aren't Accurate

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Harbor College geography professor, who for two years barraged TV weatherman Fritz Coleman with e-mails contending his forecasts are inaccurate, has been convicted of violating a judge`s order to stop harassing him.

Melanie Patton Renfrew, 54, who has taught at the Wilmington campus since 1997, pleaded no contest Aug. 7 in Burbank court to violating a restraining order Coleman had obtained to keep her from stalking him.

Renfrew denied she is a stalker, saying she was trying to get the KNBC weatherman to change the terminology he uses to describe onshore and offshore winds to better inform the public."

Meteorology is an inexact science, if a meteorologist bats around 300 he`s doing pretty good. A wise person doesn`t accept everything a weather person says as the Gospel.

Only a fool berates a weather personality for issuing inaccurate forecasts, that`s like complaining that your favorite slugger doesn`t hit a homer everytime he steps up to the plate.

It`s even more ludicrous to complain about a weatherman`s grammar or terminology. I don`t give a flying fig if the weather person describes the wind as offshore or onshore. If the wind is actually blowing, I will be grateful that at least he got that part of his forecast right.

Professor Renfrew should leave the poor weatherman alone, and use her free time sending emails to her congressperson about issues that are really important.