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Published:September 5th, 2009 18:07 EST
Bank's Thumbprint Rule Irks Man Born With No Arms

Bank's Thumbprint Rule Irks Man Born With No Arms

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A man who sought to cash his wife`s check at her bank ran into an unusual problem: the teller wanted his thumbprint. Problem was, the man had no arms.

Steve Valdez, a resident of Tampa, Florida, went into a Bank of America branch in his home town to cash the check on his wife`s request, local media reported Thursday.

The teller told him that a person without an account at the bank has to give a thumbprint to cash a check."


A bank will charge you an arm and a leg`s interest for a loan, and if you show up with no arms seeking to cash a check the heartless bank manager will turn you down.

The bank`s policy of requiring a thumbprint to cash a check from someone who doesn`t have an account is reasonable, but it`s lunacy not to make an exception for a man with no arms.

The bank manager told the disabled man that they would cash his check if he opened an account with them. Why would the poor guy want to open an account with an institution that treats the disabled so poorly?

I hope Valdez sues Bank of America, they treated him like dirt.