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Published:September 10th, 2009 10:15 EST
Woman Sacked For Sending Emails With Words In Capital Letters

Woman Sacked For Sending Emails With Words In Capital Letters

By Robert Paul Reyes


"An Auckland accountant was sacked for sending `confrontational` emails with words in red, in bold and in capital letters.

Vicki Walker, who was a financial controller with ProCare Health, has been awarded $17,000 for unfair dismissal, and plans to lodge an appeal for further compensation."

Sending an email or Instant Message in capital letters is an unpardonable sin, and I can certainly understand why she was fired.

This wicked woman would send emails in bold and capital letters to her subordinates; it`s a miracle they didn`t sue her for harassment.

Sometimes my articles generate a lot of controversy, and it`s not uncommon for me to receive emails riddled with profanity. If someone takes the time to write me a letter, I will read it even if they resort to profanity. But if I get a letter that`s in caps, I will automatically delete it without reading it.

Walker clearly exhibits a confrontational personality, she should have been satisfied with the judgment in her favor. This pain in the next woman is seeking further compensation, instead of basking in her victory and moving on with her life.

This malcontent should never again hold a supervisory position.