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Published:September 12th, 2009 21:12 EST
Teachers Unwittingly Munch On Pot Brownies

Teachers Unwittingly Munch On Pot Brownies

By Robert Paul Reyes


"When several preschool teachers in Los Angeles fell sick last April after eating brownies, public health investigators suspected it wasn`t a typical case of food poisoning. The symptoms included giddiness, dizziness, mood changes, dry mouth - and a bad case of the munchies.

One of the teachers had bought the homemade goodies a few days earlier from what she thought was a church bake sale; she shared them with colleagues during a work break." RONI CARYN RABIN/New York Times

You don`t have to be a stoner or a rocket scientist to figure out that the brownies contained weed.

Normally you won`t get sick from eating marijuana brownies, in fact they will make you feel better. But the preschool teachers didn`t realize they were munching on magical brownies, so they freaked out when they experienced the symptoms associated with ingesting cannabis.

I guarantee that if the teachers had known they were eating pot brownies, none of them would have complained about feeling sick. They would have fought over the brownies, and made a run for munchies at the 7-Eleven.

It turns out the brownies weren`t from a church bake sale, but from a street vendor. I need to move to Los Angeles, the vendors in my small town in Virginia only sell hot dogs.