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Published:September 16th, 2009 16:34 EST
Snuggie Fashion Show In New York

Snuggie Fashion Show In New York

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The `blanket that has sleeves` has made its runway debut at Fashion Week. Marching down the catwalk was a dog in a Snuggie, accompanied by a model also draped in one. This fashion item most often seen in infomercials looks a lot like a giant sleeping bag, and now it comes in tie-dye, camouflage and `luxury microplush.`"


I love my Snuggie, but the blanket that has sleeves is out of place in the ritz and snobbery associated with Fashion Week. Snuggies aren`t for supermodels, they are for regular people to don at home after a hard day`s work. I don`t care if my Snuggie makes me look like a monk or a deranged serial killer, I`m not going to stop wearing it in the privacy of my home.

A dog in a Snuggie or any other clothing apparel is an abomination. Snuggies are great for human beings, but any fool who dresses a dog in clothes should be stalked by PETA for the rest of his life.

Let me repeat: Snuggies are for regular folks, not supermodels. The only celeb who should wear a Snuggie in public is La*y Gaga. I`m tired of her outrageous outfits, she should cover that junk up!