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Published:September 21st, 2009 16:30 EST
Dude Loses $673,874: Sues Casino

Dude Loses $673,874: Sues Casino

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A 61-year-old man says he wants a Detroit casino to return the $673,854 he lost at the site during a decade of regular gambling.

Professional engineer Italo Mario Parise is suing the MotorCity Casino for allegedly failing to stop him from gambling once he endured significant losses, The Detroit News said.

Attorney Deborah Brouwer, a lawyer representing MotorCity, said in a court filing a state provision allowing gamblers to recover losses `would be the death knell for the Detroit casinos, none of which would be able to remain in business if forced to return gambling losses to disgruntled gamblers.`"


Whatever happened to the concept of personal responsibility? Mario Parise is loser who is trying to shift the blame for his stupidity on the casino. He should look at the man in the mirror, and take concrete steps to overcome his addiction to gambling.

What`s next, will a married man sue a brothel because he wife divorced him when she found out he was a regular customer? Will the man argue that the Madame should have noticed his wedding ring, and refused him entry?

Parise`s lawsuit has little chance of prevailing in a court of law, it`s the most stupid gamble of his life.