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Published:September 21st, 2009 14:50 EST
Woman Wears Sign Proclaiming Regrets For Cheating

Woman Wears Sign Proclaiming Regrets For Cheating

By Robert Paul Reyes


"19-year-old woman in Sandusky, Ohio, says she wore a sign proclaiming her regrets for her infidelity in an attempt to win back her disgruntled boyfriend.

Sandusky High School graduate Jess Duttry said she wore the sign in public to try to get a second chance from the man she cheated on this summer, The Sandusky (Ohio) Register said.

`I cheated,` Duttry`s sign reads. `Honk if I deserve a second chance.`" UPI

Any relationship, whether is romantic or platonic, is built on trust, and when trust is shattered it`s difficult to salvage it.

Duttry`s fiance broke off the engagement when she admitted her indiscretion, and I don`t blame him at all. But if Jess is willing to publicly humiliate herself to win back her boyfriend, maybe he should consider taking her back.

Jess is a very attractive young lady,and if she wears the sign in public again more than a few guys will probably ask her for her phone number.

Advice to boyfriend: Forgive the lady, before it`s too late.