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Published:September 21st, 2009 14:34 EST
Would You Buy A Tie With A Hidden iPod Storage Compartment?

Would You Buy A Tie With A Hidden iPod Storage Compartment?

By Robert Paul Reyes


"For bored commuters with already bulging pockets, a shirt design company has come up with the perfect solution to keep them entertained on the trip to work -- a commuter tie with a hidden iPod storage pocket.

Thomas Pink, the British shirt brand, is introducing the Commuter Tie as part of its main line for the autumn and winter 2009/2010 with the silk tie featuring a small pocket on the reverse designed to hold an iPod nano or mp3 player." Reuters

A tie serves no practical use, it is simply a fashion accessory. Some men wear loud ties, because it`s the only accessory they can wear without calling into question their masculinity.

A tie is a symbol of servitude, you will seldom witness a "company man" who isn`t wearing one. A tie reeks of conformity and social regimentation -- real men don`t wear ties.

It`s revealing that most ties are bought by women, they like to see their men dressed sharply. A guy who isn`t p****-whipped will rarely wear a tie. Left to his own devices the typical man will be perfectly happy wearing a T-Shirt or a polo shirt instead of a shirt and tie.

The tie is considered a phallic symbol, weak-willed men who get pushed around by their supervisors and their wives wear them to prove that they are virile and macho.

Finally a practical reason for a man to wear a tie: To hold his iPod. But I`m not buying a "Commuter Tie", having a fashion accessory strangling my neck is too high a price to pay for an iPod holder.