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Published:September 29th, 2009 16:37 EST
Dudes, Would You Join A Knitting Circle?

Dudes, Would You Join A Knitting Circle?

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Dan Sikorski`s fingers moved deftly, his knitting needles clicking away as a colorful striped scarf took shape.
Soon, though, a beer run beckoned.

By the time the 45-year-old Columbus resident returned with paper-bagged libations, others had arrived at Wonder Knit - an upscale yarn store in the Clintonville neighborhood - and were engrossed in their own projects.

Shop owner Libby Bruce and colleague Karida Collins hopped among guests, helping newcomers improve on a basic stitch or gushing over the intricate works of regulars. As some patrons reached for pumpkin ale and poured pinot grigio, the scene inside the cozy shop resembled that of any hip crafting circle." Read More

A knitting circle conjures up images of old broads knitting while they discuss their varicose veins and success or lack thereof at the Bingo game.

But in this knitting circle Dan Sikorski wasn`t a lone metrosexual in a sea of ladies, all the knitters were male. I can think of a million and one things I`d rather do with my time, but to each his own.

It`s interesting that Libby Bruce points out that the men in her club are gay and straight. I guess there`s a lot of folks who think that gay men are born with a compulsive need to knit.

The men were drinking ale and wine -- drink enough alcohol and you will enjoy knitting, watching the grass grow, or giving a 101-year-old lady a massage.

Knitting circles for guys will never catch on, only about 15 men attend Libby`s knitting circles.