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Published:October 1st, 2009 09:36 EST
Wisconsin Tourism Federation (WTF) Changes Name

Wisconsin Tourism Federation (WTF) Changes Name

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The folks at the Wisconsin Tourism Federation, a 30-year-old tourism lobbying coalition based in Sun Prairie, couldn`t possibly have predicted how the Internet would change the lingo.

While its abbreviation, WTF, was fairly innocuous a few decades ago, it means something entirely different these days.

That meaning - a phrase that can`t be printed in a family newspaper, even though kids all over the country are texting it on a regular basis - isn`t what anyone in tourism wants potential visitors to associate with Wisconsin."

Cyberspace is littered with R-rated acronyms like "WTF" and "M*LF", and kids learn the meanings of these abbreviations before they learn their "ABCs".

LOL, this sounds like an AFJ, it`s AFT that the folks at the Wisconsin Tourism Federation finally caught on to the meaning of "WTF"! I mean really, WTF!

The BBAMFIC has changed the name to "The Tourism Federation of Wisconsin.", and I can only say it`s AFT.