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Published:October 5th, 2009 18:55 EST
Cat Survives Arrow Through Head

Cat Survives Arrow Through Head

By Robert Paul Reyes


"An adorable gray-and-white cat that lives in a tiny Mississippi town was shot in the head with an arrow and somehow survived.

The arrow pierced the tabby`s forehead and came out through the back of his head - yet the cute cat named BC barely seemed aware that he had cheated death by a fraction of an inch, his owner said.

`He was trying to put his head in the food bowl - the arrow was hitting the bowl,` Randolph Henderson told WLBT, an NBC affiliate in Jackson, Miss.

Doctors said the arrow had chipped the cat`s skull but somehow had arched over his brain." Read more:

It`s a good thing that cats have nine lives, because this cute tabby has already used up one.

BC reminds me of my fat feline Ebony, nothing prevents or distracts her from gobbling her food. If Ebony had an arrow in her head, like BC she would still be trying to get at her food.

It`s archery season in Mississippi and I can only hope that BC`s injury was an accident. If anyone deliberately shot an arrow at the adorable kitty, he deserves to rot in hell.

The good news is that BC is expected to make a complete recovery.