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Published:October 7th, 2009 23:08 EST
Tiger Mauls Idiot Intruder At Calgary Zoo

Tiger Mauls Idiot Intruder At Calgary Zoo

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The man mauled by a tiger at the Calgary Zoo is the common-law husband of a security guard who was working the night he and a friend scaled a fence and snuck up to the cat`s enclosure, according to a police source.

Meanwhile, investigators said criminal charges will be laid soon, to the delight of many zoo visitors Tuesday who said the 27-year-old intruder deserves to be punished for the overnight escapade."

If this incident had occurred in an American zoo the intruder would have contacted a lawyer before he went to a hospital to be treated for his wounds.

I`m glad that the zoo has no intentions of putting the tiger to sleep, the magnificent creature was simply protecting his territory.

The two idiots will probably end up behind bars, now they will know how the poor incarcerated tiger feels.

Don`t these clown realize there is a reason why there is a fence around the cat enclosure?