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Published:October 18th, 2009 14:38 EST
The Ultimate Realization

The Ultimate Realization

By Richard Taylor

That, my friend, is your brain at work telling you a falsity. You push your button to unlock your car from inside the house and it unlocks. How did the signal to do this pass right through the wall? And then there`s all the signals to and from your cell phones and to your radio`s that pass right through what we think is solid mass. We just take it all for granted.

Things must not be as solid as we perceive them to be. Your brain is very good at telling you false things for that is what it was designed to do in order for everything to appear as "real" to you so you may have the ultimate experience. God was very smart in thinking this entire up, you might say. But God had nothing to do with it. We did it ourselves. The Earth realm IS our hell. But it doesn`t have to be this way. You are going to have to read the material I list in order to be able to comprehend this.

I would go on and explain it to you but that would mean I would have to write another book when there is already one out there for you to check this out with. But I would like to delve back into politics for a while. So I suffer a stroke and have this angelic experience that wakes me up out of this nightmare I had been having and I look around and see the things I see and feel like I am from a different planet and the people on this planet are insane.

On this planet their whole lives are based on fear. Now that`s crazy. Their society has this thing called the NRA and their constitution says they have the right to bear arms. But why do they have to have arms. That must mean they go out and attack each other and shoot each other with them. Lots and lots of killing goes on, even in their schools, and the crazy thing is that the people who make these guns are getting rich off of people dying. I want to go back to my planet, but I don`t know where it is.

And then I learned that they had these World wars, you know, the ones where the people who make all of these weapons to go to war with get rich while everybody is dying and the ones who win these wars have their economies start to prosper at the expense of other people`s lives. However, after these World wars are over they go out and start new ones to keep their economy going. Pretty bizarre.

Our government, based on the fear of communism, created the wars in Korea and Vietnam. Actually, these were wars with Russia for they were the ones backing one of the oppositions while we backed the other at the expense of our countrymen`s lives. All this was against the idea of communism, which really wasn`t a bad idea. It just never got the chance to express itself in the way it was originally intended. It was the government that enforced it that never gave it the proper chance.

It was meant to make everything and everyone equal. So there would be no starvation and no homelessness and everybody had the healthcare they needed. If it were implemented in the proper way, which means that our freedom would be included in it, it wouldn`t be a bad thing at all. But our government has us "believing" that it is a bad thing. The fear factor. That way it could keep the war machine going that we have created. And then when those wars were over (by the way, who won?) we started the cold war.

Did you know that we spent over 800 billion dollars on our submarine fleet alone? Let alone to think of all that was spent on nuclear missiles and the secret spy agencies we have. Boy, that really kept our economy booming, didn`t it? While we still have homeless people wandering our streets starving. This really sounds like an insane society to me, which leads me to believe it is still an experiment in progress, but as to where it is progressing I do not know. Now I really want to go back to my planet. You know the one where there is peace and sanity?

I watched the movie "Fare height 911" and Bush is at a party of his rich friends and he says "We are the elite of the haves and the have mores. You are my base." "What kind of a president is that?" I think to myself. Moreover, he doesn`t care about anybody else other than the rich. He makes a speech where he says "I am a warring President" like it`s something to be proud of. Now things are really getting crazy.

How did he get elected? So I do a little research and find that in his first election he had lost by a million votes, but supposedly there was a problem with the voting machines and it came down to a Supreme Court justice vote that got him in office. What is going on here? Whatever happened to the word "fair" or "right" because this certainly was neither? Then he gets elected again. He`s going to go down in history as the big question mark. Then I see the movie "Bush`s Brain" and see how Karl Rove is the real "brain" behind Bush. Bush is merely a puppet.

I am not saying these things to bash Bush, I am making observations of the truth, and if the truth hurts, so be it. He`s not a bad person; he just lets his ego run his life and our country. So, after 9/11 All the Republicans start blaming President Clinton for it, and he`s not even in office anymore. President Bush is. And they have a tape of Bush when he is notified about the Twin Towers being hit. He just sits there dumbfounded. I guess I would be too. But to blame someone who`s not even in office is taking it a little too far. I listen to radio stations that are obviously Republican and they are just nasty. They call the Democrats "the left` and "liberals" and make them out to be the "bad guys" when in fact they are out fighting "for" the rights of everybody. Liberal means freely. Isn`t that what America is about? Freedom.

However, the Republicans talk as if there is a war going on between the Democrats and Republicans. They try to keep America divided. Politics certainly needs to be re-invented, and so does the experiment of America. We need to quit this dividing stuff and unite America, as it truly should be.

So since the Towers fell, now President Bush starts a new war on Iraq. What did Iraq have to do with it? It just happens to be the place where all these religious fanatics are. The people that live there had nothing to do with it. It`s costing the U.S. billions of dollars because now they have these smart bombs that they drop that are very, very expensive. But Bush doesn`t mind. It`s keeping the people that make these bombs in business and our economy thriving at the expense, once again, of human lives. He calls it a war against terrorism, but it`s really not a war. What it really is is an action that should be focused on these zealots, not Iraq.

To have a war, don`t you have to have an opposition that is as mighty as you are or there about? This place called America also has a war on drugs that could be cured rather easily if they thought about it. All they would have to do is to make a new law. One that would say that if you were caught dealing drugs, you would go to prison for life, or better yet, give them the death penalty.

Think about it. Drug dealers go out and get people hooked on these drugs. In a sense, when they go out and get someone hooked, they are taking their lives from them. Isn`t that the same as killing them? So if you made it a life prison sentence if you were caught, don`t you think the dealers would think twice about doing it and maybe just disappear?

And speaking about drugs, they have this drug called alcohol that they have made legal for everybody that`s over 21 to use. That means that people can go out and buy this drug, get inebriated to where they don`t even remember or know what they did, have accidents and kill people, and get physically addicted to this drug, and it`s all legal? And then we put them in prison for getting addicted instead of helping them. Now that`s crazy. And the word alcohol means poison. So it`s legal to poison yourself, but if you try to commit suicide, that`s illegal? More craziness.

But they have this other drug called marijuana that does not make you have blackouts, that is not physically addictive, that you can only get to a certain high with no matter how much of it you smoke, and it`s illegal. It has many other benefits to it such as the hemp it produces that can be used for a plethora of other things, but their society has deemed it as an evil drug. It must have something to do with the corporations that make this poison. There`s more money in producing poison than there is in growing marijuana. It seems that anything that is logical doesn`t fit into their vocabulary.

And since America is so busy making all these wars, don`t you think they would create some against homelessness and starvation? Hurricane Katrina hit and Bush knew all about it. Why didn`t he do something? He has the power of the congress. Republicans say he couldn`t override the people`s rights to stay there, but he could have. It`s his responsibility. If your child is walking out into a street of heavy traffic, are you taking away his rights by stopping him or her? It`s the same thing. What an insane society.

And then I find out that they kill people that are of different colors from them. First they chase out or kill the Native Americans that lived there and took their land from them, and then they take all the people that are black and make them slaves. Because they`re black that makes them inferior? This is really insane thinking. We are all part of "The All`s" consciousness. So the ultimate, ultimate realization I make is black, white, yellow, red, Caucasians, Japanese, German, French, English, Korean, Chinese, or the whole host of others out there, that we`re all the same. Different but the same. "The All`s" great dichotomy. So let`s quit warring with each other just because we`re different, and start treating each other with respect for the God we have in us.

I think I`m going to stop here and try to find out which planet I came from because this one is too crazy for me. I know there are going to be those out there who say if you don`t like it leave. All these people are who follow other people`s "beliefs" because they have forgotten how to think for themselves. Even their school systems are that way. They teach "what" to think, not "HOW" to think.

And I`m sure there are going to be those that will call "me" crazy, but I know I`m not. I have been fortunate enough to have my eyes opened by an angel. I`m living proof that they exist and that there is much more to us than meets the eye. There are going to be those disbelievers out there, but I`m not worried. I forgive them. They don`t understand. One thing I know for sure is that if we don`t make the realizations I have listed, we aren`t going to make it this time around either. And yes, we have done this before. So read the material I list and help us move on in our "Next Evolution".

"I BELIEVE". Richard Lee Taylor. Author: A Stroke of Divine Intervention

Books to read to the realization of who we are.
The Holographic Universe - Michael Talbot
Edgar Cayce-The sleeping Profit-Jess Stearn
There Is A River-Thomas Sugrue
Heading Toward Omega & Lessons from the Light-Kenneth Ring
The Field- Lynne McTaggart
Power vs. Force-Dr. David Hawkins
The Next Evolution-Jack Reed
Conversations With God & Tomorrows God- Neale Donald Walsch
The Disappearance Of The Universe-Gary R Renard
A coarse In Miracles-Helen Schucman
The Healing of America- Marianne Williamson 
Note: These are just a few of the many books I have read in my quest to find out who we really are, but are the most pertinent one`s that will lead you to the same conclusions I have found.