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Published:October 26th, 2009 18:55 EST
British Brats Receiving Career Guidance

British Brats Receiving Career Guidance

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Children in British primary schools as young as nine are to receive advice via internet sites such as YouTube on their future career paths under a new scheme, the government said on Monday.

Under the program designed to help children of all socio-economic backgrounds realize their goals, students will be given mentors, have the chance to visit universities, and be given counseling on what subjects to study via social networking sites like Facebook." Reuters

Parents should think ahead and save money for their children`s educational needs, but kids should be allowed to be kids.

Kids as young as nine are too young to receive career guidance, the only advice they should receive is how to tie their sneakers properly and how to wash behind their ears.

Little brats shouldn`t visit universities, they should frequent zoos and playgrounds.

The Brits are quit daft, I hope this nonsense doesn`t spread to the United States.

If your 9-year-old child asks you what college he should attend, kick him in the butt and tell him to finish coloring his coloring book.

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