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Published:October 26th, 2009 14:56 EST
Texas Woman Given Ticket For Being Non-English Speaking Driver

Texas Woman Given Ticket For Being Non-English Speaking Driver

By Robert Paul Reyes


"A Texas woman was given a ticket for being a non-english speaking driver, but after she got a lawyer, she found out there was no such law for ordinary drivers -- only commercial truck drivers have to speak English.

Dallas police Chief David Kunkle said he was surprised and stunned when he learned his men had written such a ticket. Records show officers have written 38 similar tickets over the last three years." Read More

If Police Chief David Kunkle was unaware that his police officers have for years been issuing tickets to drivers for being unable to speak English, his incompetence knows no bounds.

The mayor of Dallas should immediately fire Chief Kunkle, he needs to empathically show that the city of Dallas doesn`t tolerate racial discrimination.

I would be surprised but not shocked to find out that one Dallas cop was an unabashed racist, but the revelation that several police officers have been issuing these illegal tickets boggles the imagination. There is a systemic problem of racism in the Dallas police department, and it must be seriously dealt with.

The victim Ernestina Mondragon will doubtless sue, and be awarded a huge sum of money. But there must be justice for all Hispanics and other minorities in Dallas. There can be no justice until Chief Kunkle and his racist officers are kicked to the curb, and are replaced by peace officers who are color blind.

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