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Published:December 20th, 2009 09:44 EST
Nude Bike Ride To Protest Lane Removal

Nude Bike Ride To Protest Lane Removal

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Some bicycle-loving Brooklyn residents are furious about the city`s recent decision to eliminate a bike lane in Williamsburg. (It was done to appease members of the neighborhood`s ultra-Orthodox community, who objected to the spandex-clad cyclists in their midst, apparently.) The biking enthusiasts aren`t standing down, though.

They`re planning a `Freedom Ride` tomorrow to protest the decision, which will involve cruising through Williamsburg topless." Read More

America is a secular nation, and no concessions should be made to any religious group, regardless if they are Muslims, Christian or Jews.

If Orthodox Jews have their panties in a twist because women have the audacity to ride bikes wearing spandex shorts and halter tops, the "Freedom Ride" might cause a nervous breakdown or two.

If I lived in Brooklyn I would be there to support the cause of freedom, and to ogle at the topless women. Don`t get me wrong I wouldn`t ride my bike in the buff, that might turn the Orthodox Jews and the biking enthusiasts against me.

Say not to religous intimidation, and support the bicycle riders of Brooklyn.

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