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Published:December 21st, 2009 10:00 EST
100-Year-Old Granny Plans Parachute Jump On Xmas

100-Year-Old Granny Plans Parachute Jump On Xmas

By Robert Paul Reyes


"A 100-year-old Brazilian grandmother will experience gravity in a whole new way this Christmas when she takes the plunge out of an airplane to become the world`s oldest parachuter, local news site G1 reported Saturday.

Aida Mendes asked her grandson as a Christmas gift to help her arrange the jump which would get her into the Guinness Book of world records." AFP

The granny`s grandson should have tried to convince her to opt for an apron or a new set of knitting needles, instead of arranging the jump. The grandson might as well have set her up with an appointment with Dr. Death.

The old woman got a green light from her physician, and her loved ones. Does everybody hate this woman? Is the grandson inheriting a fortune from the elderly lady? Just asking...

The old bird would be well-advised to make sure that her pacemaker has a new battery, and she would be smart not to forget to don adult diapers.

I wish Aida a Merry Christmas and a successful jump, and I pray that her grandson gets run over by Santa`s sleigh.

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