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Published:December 24th, 2009 15:54 EST

Guy With Knife Sticking Out Of Chest Enjoys Cup Of Coffee

By Robert Paul Reyes


"A 52-year-old man complained only about the cold weather before walking into a diner with a five-inch knife sticking out of his chest. The unnamed man called a Warren 911 operator on Sunday night to ask that an ambulance be sent to Bray`s, an eatery in neighboring Hazel Park. He said he had been stabbed during a robbery attempt half a mile away, then walked to the restaurant and called 911 from a pay phone." Read More

Warren is a city of 138,000 that borders the crime-ridden city of Detroit, I bet none of the customers at the diner gave a second glace to the dude with a five-inch knife sticking out of his chest.

I`m a coffee lover, and I can`t get my day starting with at least two or three cups of coffee. If I were stabbed in the chest, I would also probably enjoy a nice steaming cup of Java while waiting for the ambulance.

I hope the gentleman makes a complete recovery, and I hope that his coffee was on the house.

Merry Christmas to coffee lovers all over the world!

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