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Published:January 1st, 2010 09:53 EST
Escaped Con "Facebook Fugitive" Has Tons Of Facebook Friends

Escaped Con "Facebook Fugitive" Has Tons Of Facebook Friends

By Robert Paul Reyes


"An escaped British criminal dubbed `the Facebook fugitive` has become an Internet hit, taunting police via the online social networking site and notching up nearly 30,000 `friends` by Thursday.

Craig `Lazie` Lynch, 28, absconded from prison in Suffolk, eastern England in September, where he had been serving a seven-year term for aggravated burglary." AFP

Lynch was convicted of aggravated burglary, I wonder how Lynch`s Facebook friends would feel if the burglar`s next victim was their mother or grandmother. Being an online friend of Lynch is as odious and perverse as being a friend or enabler of Tiger Woods.

The escaped convict has posted pics of himself on his Facebook page, as well as dropping hints about his whereabouts. Lynch isn`t exactly a Rhodes Scholar, and his juvenile games are going to land him back in prison.

Not everybody is enthralled by this scumbag, several Facebook groups have been set up with names like "We hate Craig Lynch."

In response Lynch wrote this on his Facebook page: "I got respects and havent touched or robbed no old lady. now move on and find a life."

This grammar-impaired loser really gets on my nerves, I hope he`s apprehended as a result of his posts on Facebook.

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