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Published:January 8th, 2010 13:48 EST
Bookstore Serves Wine

Bookstore Serves Wine

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Australian bibliophiles have been offered a chance to combine their love of literature with their fondness for a quiet drink, with a boutique bookchain in Sydney adding wine to its shelves.

Berkelouw Books, in Sydney`s trendy inner-city suburb Leichhardt, has created a combined wine bar/reading room featuring a range of Australian wines and cheeses." Reuters

I love to read a book with a glass of wine by my side, and with my cat purring on my lap. It would be delightful to recreate that experience, minus the cat, in a fine bookstore.

Most Barnes and Noble bookstores feature a coffee shop, but it just isn`t the same thing. If a Barnes and Noble franchise applied for a beer and wine license, their business would pick up tremendously if their application was approved.

Shelves that stock great literature, that appeals to intellectuals, should have plenty of fine wine nearby. There should be a section for mighty tomes by renowned conservatives like Sarah Palin and Carrie Prejean, and of course there should be jugs of moonshine by these shelves.

Most folks equate drinking with debauchery, but men and women of education and good breeding enjoy a glass of wine while pursuing intellectual endeavors. Barnes and Noble, are you listening?

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