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Published:January 9th, 2010 11:40 EST
Speeder Fined Whopping $290,000

Speeder Fined Whopping $290,000

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Swiss court has fined a multimillionaire a record $290,000 for speeding through a village at 85 mph in his red Ferrari Testarossa, news outlets in Switzerland report.

The fine is based on the unidentified speeder`s wealth and his previous fast offenses. Swiss voters approved a penalty system that replaces prison for such crimes as speeding with `day fines` based on wealth - in this case $22.7 million."

I like the idea of a traffic fine based on the speeder`s wealth, with my meager income I would be slapped with a $5 fine for exceeding the speed limit by 20 miles per hour.

The hefty fine should be used to buy economical cars for poor folks.

I imagine that it`s almost impossible not to speed when you are behind the wheel of a red Ferrari Testarossa, but to drive 85 mph through a quiet Swiss village is unforgivable.

I drive a Jeep Cherokee that has over 200,000 miles, but when I see nothing but open road in front of me, sometimes I put petal to the metal. I have some sympathy for the leadfoot driver, but I still think the huge fine was justified.

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