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Published:January 11th, 2010 00:21 EST
Nerd Sets World Record For Calculating Pi

Nerd Sets World Record For Calculating Pi

By Robert Paul Reyes

A French software engineer said on Friday he was claiming a world record for calculating Pi, the constant that has fascinated mathematicians for millennia.

Fabrice Bellard told AFP he used an inexpensive desktop computer -- and not a supercomputer used in past records -- to calculate Pi to nearly 2.7 trillion decimal places.

That is around 123 billion digits more than the previous record set last August by Japanese professor Daisuke Takahashi, he said." AFP
Most guys have any affinity for math, but I know as much about mathematics as Amy Winehouse does about good hygiene.

I can`t believe this geek calculated Pi to nearly 2.7 trillion decimal places; I get a headache when I`m faced with a math problem that has more than three decimal places.

The French nerd can have his Pi, give me good old Apple Pie or American Pie. (If you know what I mean, and I think you do.)

Everybody wants to set a world record, but I`d rather set a world record of "Most Worms Eaten In A Minute", than to try to calculate Pi.

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