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Published:January 16th, 2010 10:33 EST
Giant Chocolate Great Wall Of China

Giant Chocolate Great Wall Of China

By Robert Paul Reyes


"The Great Wall never looked so tasty: a team of Chinese confectioners have built a 10 meter (33 ft) long replica of the structure entirely out of chocolate in a bid to entice Chinese to eat more of the sweet stuff.

The chocolate wall is made from solid dark chocolate bricks stuck together with white chocolate and is one of the attractions at the World Chocolate Wonderland exhibition and trade show which will open to the public later this month." Reuters

In China chocolate is not consumed on a regular basis as it is in the States, it`s reserved for special occasions.

China is primed to be the world`s economic and military leader in the 21st century, but in my humble opinion any country that isn`t enamored of chocolate is 2nd rate.

You don`t have to entice Americans to eat chocolate, we can`t get enough of it. If American confectioners built a 33 ft replica of the Statue of Liberty, I would try to eat the whole damn thing.

Ronald Reagan demanded that the Soviets "Tear Down The Berlin Wall", The Chinese dictators should implore the public to "Eat This Delicious Wall!"

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