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Published:January 25th, 2010 13:01 EST
Best Buy Geek Squad Nerd Solves Burglary

Best Buy Geek Squad Nerd Solves Burglary

By Robert Paul Reyes

The actors who portray Best Buy`s Geek Squad are handsome and athletic, and you can easily imagine them playing superheros on the big screen.

The real life geeks you will find at your local Best Buy are nerdy to the core, and it`s hard to picture them as heroes.

But here`s an article about a Best Buy geek who displayed remarkable courage and ingenuity.

"A nerd had his revenge Thursday night when a member of Best Buy`s Geek Squad solved a school burglary, recovering stolen computers and becoming a hero for the day, police said.

A Best Buy employee got suspicious when Justin Hill, 26, and Ivan Hill, 19, brought in three computers to the Hamilton Place store and asked him to override passwords on the machines." Read More

The geek recognized the username of "Normal Park" on the computers, coincidentally his sister is a teacher at Normal Park school. Ok, so the geek is courageous, and lucky.

The brave geek confiscated the machines and called the cops. The dastardly crooks were charged with burglary and vandalism.

The crooks are as stupid as the Best Buy geek is brave, if you are going to steal computers, you should at least learn how to do something as basic as overriding a password. I`m not a burglar or a Best Buy geek, but even I not how to do that.

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